Give your lawn a breather!

Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from the lawn. Lawn Aeration relieves soil compaction and improves the ability of roots to grow deeper into the soil and expand. The mechanical removal of soil plugs is generally recognized as the best way to improve air and gas exchange, along with water and fertilizer intake.

Turf Surfer lawn aeration is only $65.00-ALL YEAR LONG! (up to 5000 sf. of lawn). This includes front and back yard.  A simple FLAT RATE – WOW!   $85 if you would like a double lawn aeration.  A double aeration is recommended if you plan on putting grass seed down after the lawn aeration.

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Turf surfers guarantees the deepest plugs in town.  No other company will pull a deeper plug on your lawn under the same conditions.  Guaranteed!

All of our lawn aeration machines are heavy commercial units, not the light rental machines you will find at your local rental store.  The tines on our machines are replaced with NEW tines every spring ensuring you will receive a quality DEEP PLUG lawn aeration every time.  The deeper the plug, the better the benefit to your lawn.

Note the difference between an old worn out lawn aeration tine and a new tine.

Lawn Aeration Colorado Springs

Turf Surfers can aerate your lawn for less than it would cost you to rent the machine from a tool center and do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machines will not get within 6” of the perimeter of your yard, so sprinkler heads on the edges should be fine and you do not need to flag parameter Just the heads in the middle of the yard.  We keep plenty of sprinkler parts on hand so we will immediately replace any sprinkler head that we damage that has been clearly marked but will not be responsible for sprinkler heads that are not clearly marked.

cIf you do not have flags then youan use yard toys, rocks, sticks, etc. or point them out to us when we arrive to do the lawn aeration.

No, as long as we have clear access to the areas you would like service done and you put away any mean dogs that may not like our presence there (nice dogs are okay with us)!  You can also let us know ahead of time of any special instructions or simply leave us a note.

You can leave a check or cash in a door, milk box, under the doormat, in your BBQ grill, under a flower pot, in your sprinkler box, etc or you can pay over the phone with any major credit card before or after the service.

If you do not feel comfortable leaving payment when you are not home, we will be happy to mail or email an invoice to you in which you can pay online via online banking or credit card, or simply place a check in the mail.

For weekly and bi-weekly mowing customers, your lawn aeration will just be added to your monthly billing invoice.

No, we have a flat rate for yards up to 5,000 sf, so the rate is the same if you have a front yard only, backyard only or both a front and back yard as most of our cost is driving to your property unloading and loading the machines.


Aeration + Fertilization Application $110.  Add $20 for a double aeration.  A double aeration is recommended if you plan on putting down grass seed afterwards. 

Things to do before your lawn aeration

  • If you have a sprinkler system, mark any sprinkler heads that are 6” or more from the edges to avoid damage from the aerator tines.
  • Water your lawn the night before your aeration.  The soil should be moist but not wet.
  • Scooping up doggy pooh is always appreciated!

Things to do after your lawn aeration

  • Apply your fertilizer  (if not already done).
  • Water more than normal over the next week.