Sprinkler Startup and Tune-ups

To make sure your system is functioning correctly and that there is no damage have Turf Surfers inspect and turn on your sprinkler system.

Service Includes:

  • Make sure all solenoid valves are completely closed.
  • Open irrigation or water valves.
  • Inspect for beaks or damage.
  • Activate the controller, install new battery when applicable, set watering schedule.
  • Test all valves in the system.
  • Inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads for proper water coverage.
  • Repair line breaks and broken sprinklers if needed.  Repair charges may be an additional billing.
  • Check cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles.
  • Trim sod from around all heads and flush sprinkler lines as necessary.


  • Spring Sprinkler System Startup/Tune-up $85 for up to 12 zones.
  • $5 for each additional zone.

Spring Special Package

Sprinkler Start up + Aeration + Fertilization $175